Bush Plum, Dreamings & Love Magic

'Bush Plum' is an extraordinary work by Evelyn Pultara. Painted across five panels, each stands almost 2 metres tall! Evelyn comes from Woodgreen Station in Utopia, Central Australia, she was born around 1940 and is part of the Anmatyerre language group.

Today, she exclusively paints her plant totem, the Bush Yam. However, when she began painting in 1997, she depicted traditional designs such as Awelye (women's ceremonial body paint designs) and bush tucker, such as the bush plum.

Bush Plum Dreaming

The Bush Plum Dreaming Story is told through tribes in the Western and Central deserts, from Warlpiri country to the Utopia lands. This is how the story is told in the Utopia region: