Abie Loy Kemarre

Abie Loy Kemarre

  • 46 x 38 cm
  • Details

    30 x 30 cm


    Acrylic on linen canvas

  • The Artist

    Abie Loy Kemarre started painting at 19, an early age in comparison to many Aboriginal artists who traditionally started painting much later in life. Some of the greats, such as Tiger Palpatja, didn't pick up a brush until their eight-decade!

    Abie was born on Utopia station in 1972 and painting is in her blood. She the daughter of Margaret Loy Pula (who won the Wynne Prize in 2012) and Ray Loy Pula, but was mentored by her famous grandmother, the renowned artist Kathleen Petyarre. 

    Kathleen taught her how to paint details that created complex optical effects. Abie mainly paints the Bush Hen Dreaming story that she had inherited from her grandfather. These paintings represent the bush hen travelling across the country in search of scattered bush seeds. However, she also paints more abstract works such as these which represent Bush Medicine Leaf Dreaming.

    For thirty years Abie has been exhibiting both within Australia and internationally. Her beautiful work is held by the National Gallery of Victoria, Art Gallery of South Australia, and Adelaide University Art Collection as well as many international collections.