61 X 31 cm

  • Details

    Women's ceremony story


    61 X 31 cm


    Acrylic on linen canvas

  • The Artist

    Debra's work is inspired by sacred women’s places, where Dreamtime stories are shared and handed down through the generations. She paints the geographical features of the Western Desert around Kiwirrkurra and Papunya, showing rock holes, sand hills and caves.


    Debra is the daughter of influential Western desert artists, her parents are Walangkura Napanangka and Johnny Yungut Tjupurrula who both paint for Papunya Tula Artists. Born in 1964, she began painting in 1984 along with her sisters. Their mother Walangkura taught them their Dreaming stories and the traditional iconography the Aboriginal people have used for millennia to depict the landscape. Debra’s works follow the Papunya Tula style with thick paint application and intricate dotting.


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