Morris Gibson Tjapaltjarri  (1957 - 2017)

Morris Gibson Tjapaltjarri (1957 - 2017)




107 cm x 28 cm


Acrylic on linen canvas


Provenance: Certificate of authenticity from arts centre


    Morris painted at Papunya Tula Artists and held his first solo exhibition in 2016. It received much acclaim, with all his work selling out. It was a fitting end to a 25 year career, Morris sadly passed away shortly afterwards. He was know as an indomitable figure, even losing both his legs was said not to slow him down - 'a busy man with much to do'.

    ​He contributed to the Kintore Men’s painting which was sold at the Western Desert Dialysis appeal event in Sydney in 2000. The money raised helped to establish a new model of dialysis care in the Country. He did not know at the time he would need these services himself.