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Painting by Papunya Tula artist Yinarupa Nangala


Yinarupa Nangala (b. 1960)

Untitled, 2018

​87 x 28 cm. Acrylic on linen canvas

Provenance: Certificate of authenticity from arts centre


    Yinarupa Nangala is a Pintupi woman, born to the west of what is now Kiwirrkurra community in Western Australia. She is the daughter of the great Papunya Tula Artists, Anatjari Tjampitjinpa.

    These works depict the Ngamurru in Kiwirrkurra, a meeting place for Aboriginal women where ceremonial business is conducted.

    The various shapes in her work record important features of the landscape including rock holes, which serve as important water sources, women’s meeting places and abundant food areas. Yinarupa uses a combination of traditional and contemporary symbols providing an aerial view of the Pintupi area.

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