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Photograph of Nadia Phillips


Aboriginal Art UK was set up by Nadia Phillips in 2010. Originally from Sydney, Nadia's interest in design and textiles led her to dealing initially in linen, lace and period costume, before moving on to pre-Columbian textiles.


A period living in Florence and studying history of art awoke an interest in the indigenous art of Nadia's home country, and how it was being developed. Nadia started collecting aboriginal art on one of her many visits back to Australia when an opening arose to join a trip with an art dealer visiting the outback communities, and the opportunity to source and buy paintings directly from them.


As her collection grew, friends and acquaintances asked for help in putting their own collections together, and to advise them on different artworks. This led to setting up Aboriginal Art UK, for which Nadia continues to visit Australia and source paintings directly from the art communities, predominantly those of the Central Desert, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory, and these are well represented within the works now available.

To find out more about what I do and the works currently available, please get in touch.

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