Venice Biennale 2017 | My Highlights!

I recently returned from the Venice Biennale, there was so much to take in in just five days! There are 120 invited artists from 86 nations exhibiting, as well as numerous events and shows taking place alongside - as if Venice all by itself is not enough to keep your attention! Here are a few of the installations that stuck in my mind.

Phyllida Barlow - British Pavilion

In the British Pavilion this year is 'Folly' by Phyllida Barlow. Barlow's Folly is an ambitious sculptural installation which fills the entire site. It is a cornucopia of amusing, grand and playful ideas which challenges the visitor to explore their own understanding and experience of the sculptures. Numerous works are formed from junk yard materials, they surround the building, whilst other gargantuan pieces fill the rooms reaching up high into the roof. The whole exhibition is joyous exploring the duality of fun and foreboding, made with the amazing contrast between grand scale and modest materials.

Vajiko Chachkhiani - Georgian Pavilion

Vajiko is a Berlin based Georgian born artist. Vajiko's installation is entitled 'A living Dog in the midst of Dead Lions'. Vajiko writes about his work: '