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Painting by Papunya Tula artist Brenda Napaltjarri


Brenda Napaltjarri (b. 1958)

Untitled, 2011
48 x 36 cm, acrylic on linen canvas




    Brenda Napaltjarri is from the Kintore community, 700km west of Alice Springs. She often paints stories that relate to her country and the rockhole site of Mitukatjirri, south-east of Kintore, which is the artists' father's country. The roundels in the work depict the rockholes found at the site.


    The secret men's Tingari Cycle travels through this area from the Docker River to Tjukurla further south. The Tingari are the Dreamtime ancestors of the Aboriginal people. Thet travelled the country performing rituals and creating the landscape.


    Their travels and adventures are told in a number of traditional songs sung at ceremonies. These songs about the Tingari Cycle are sacred, and only senior tribespeople are allowed to know the details.

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