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Charmaine Pwerle (b. 1975)

Aweley, 2015

120  x 90cm. Acrylic on Linen Canvas


    Charmaine was born in Alice Springs in 1975.  She has been surrounded all of her life by some of the most significant artists from Utopia in the Central Desert. Charmaine Pwerle  is the daughter of Artist Barbara Weir and granddaughter of the famous artist Minnie Pwerle and is becoming one of the most sought after Australian Aboriginal artists living and working today.

    Charmaine's main inspirations are the Atnwengerrp area and Awelye (women's ceremonies and body paint). The body designs are important and relate to each particular woman's dreaming. The ochre pigment is ground into powder form and mixed with charcoal and ash before being applied with a flat paddled stick or with fingers in raw linear and curving patterns.

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