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Painting of Country by APY artist Eric (Mungi) Barney


Eric (Mungi) Barney (b. 1973) 

Ngura (Country), 2021

122 x 91cm. Acrylic on canvas


    Eric Barney was born in 1973, and grew up in Indulkana Community where he continues to live and work.


    Working with Iwantja Art Centre since 2008, Barney has been guided and mentored on painting techniques and protocol by the senior men at Iwantja Arts, Peter Mungkari, Alec Baker and Kunmanara (Jimmy) Pompey.


    In Eric Barney’s paintings of Yankunytjatjara Country, mark-making is a form of mapping. Barney defines the terrain of his country by carving out sections of colour, the paint energetically applied to the canvas with a sense of rhythm and purpose. Barney interprets the rocky desert country around Indulkana Community through colour, tone and form. His powerfully understated paintings depict Tjukula (rock-holes), and the knowledge of these vitally important water sources that have sustained Anangu for generations.

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