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Painting by George Tjungurrayi


George Tjungurrayi (b. 1945) 

Untitled, 2017

46 x 38cm. Acrylic on linen canvas. 


    Born near Kiwirrkura in a remote part of the Gibson Desert in Western Australia, Tjungurrayi came in from the desert by way of Mount Doreen and Yuendumu in the early 1970s and started painting at West Camp at Papunya with Papunya Tula Artists in 1976. Adapting traditional Tingari style, Tjungurrayi began exploring the abstract use of optical stripes for which he is now recognised. 


    This painting depicts designs associated with the claypan site of Kirrimalunya, north of Wilkinkarra (Lake Mackay) in Western Australia.

    In ancestral times two young ngangkaris, or traditional healers, lived at this site and travelled great distances to use their healing powers.


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