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Painting by Papunya Tula artist Josephine Nangala


Josephine Nangala (b. 1950)

Untitled, 2011

46x38cm. Acrylic on linen canvas. 


    Born about 1950, Josephine grew up travelling with her family between Nyirla, her traditional Country, and the Canning Stock Route. She paints the traditional ceremonial site of Marrapinti. Traditionally, whilst at the site, the women made nose bones, also known as Marrapinti.


    The nose bone ceremony is an important Aboriginal rite that marks a boys transition to manhood. The ritual begins with the painting of sacred symbols on the body, followed by piercing the septum. The nose is pierced with the bone of an animal or bird associated with a tribe's Dreamtime story and the Dreamtime creator of a particular sacred site.

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