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Painting by Kawayi Nampitjinpa


Kawayi Nampitjinpa (c1948 - 2014)

Untitled, 2011

46x38cm. Acrylic on linen canvas. 


    Kawayi Nampitjinpa began painting in the late 1980s, but only became one of the Papunya Tula Artists in 2003. Since 2004, her work has been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions across Australia, and included in significant national collections including the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Queensland Art Gallery and National Gallery of Victoria.

    The stories that Kawayi refers to in her work centre around the site of Pinpirrnga, a rockhole north of Kintore and close to the outstation of Desert Bore which was established by her late husband and artist, Benny Tjapaltjarri.

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