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Painting by artist Ned Grant


Ned Grant (b. 1941)

Untitled, 2017

​110 x 85 cm. Acrylic on linen canvas

Provenance: Certificate of authenticity from arts centre


    Ned Grant was born around 1941 near Papatatjara in the north-east quadrant of Spinifex Country in the Great Victoria Desert, WA.


    During the Aboriginal Evangelical Mission (AEM) sweep through Spinifex after the Maralinga nuclear testing (1955-1963), Ned was taken into Cundeelee Mission with older brother, Ted (deceased) and younger brother Fred. Ned was a nyiingka (segregated bush boy) when he came in and was inducted into Men’s Law in the ranges country north-west of Laverton. Ned, a senior man by the early1980’s, helped drive the return to Spinifex country.


    Today Ned is the main ceremonial leader of the Tjintu (sun side) of Spinifex society. Ned has been painting with the Spinifex Art Project since its beginning in 1997. His works have been included in major exhibitions within Australia and internationally.


    Ned was one of 17 men who collaboratively painted their particular estates, which merged together, formed the Men’s Native Title painting. Ned continues to paint his “run”-the area around where he was born and subsequently lost his umbilical cord. Over the life of the project Ned has not been a prolific individual painter. He has, however, been an integral contributor to various men’s collaborative works. It is the quantum of collaborative works produced which has been a distinguishing feature of the Spinifex Art Project since its beginning.

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