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Painting by artist Nora Petyarre Club


Nora Petyarre Club (b. 1948) 


90 x 45 cm

  • Details

    90 x 45 cm


    Acrylic on linen canvas

  • The Artist

    Nora Petyarre Club. Nora is an emerging artist from Utopia, a community located 240 kilometres north east of Alice Springs known for its quality art. 
    Nora’s mother is respected artist Lena Pwerle. In the late 1980s Nora and other Utopian artists were the first women to start using acrylic paint and canvas to depict their Dreamings. 

    The majority of Nora’s works depict the Dreaming story of Yerramp, or Honey Ant, from her countries, Ngkwarlerlanem and Arnkawenyerr. As an owner of these countries, her father Left Hand Sam Kngwarrey, was a teacher of these stories.

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