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It's almost a year now since I did a trip to Hermannsburg to see the area where Albert Namatjira painted the most wonderful watercolours of western style landscapes that depict the beautiful vibrant colours of the Australian outback.

This August also marks the 75th anniversary of three generations of watercolour artists that have emerged from the original Hermannsburg group.

It was established as an Aboriginal mission in 1877 by two Lutheran missionaries of the Hermannsburg Mission from Germany, and you can still see the remains of their dwellings and the church in the area. Though the Western Arrernte people lived in this region for thousands of years.

It is now home of the Hermannsburgh school of pottery. The decorated ceramics of the Hermannsburg Potters are unique, pushing the boundaries of the artist imagination and their skills. This beautiful pottery adds to the diversity of the Contemporary Aboriginal Art that the indigenous people of Australia are producing.

courtesy Araluen Art Centre

Lyarra Lyarra, Artist: Caroline Forbes Kamaara

Red Kangaroo,  Artist: Beth Inkamala Mbitjana

Yapalpe, Artist: Hayley Coulthard Panangka

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