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Bruton Art Factory & The Colony Room Club

There are many exciting exhibitions around Somerset happening now, this one at the Bruton Art Factory in collaboration with Hauser & Wirth is terrific - 'Pushing Forward Back'.

The Artist is Paul Desborough and his unorthodox method of painting involves the application of acrylic paint to a temporary support, that is then pulled free to create what he refers to as 'paint skins'.

There is also a display of Desborough's drawings.

Attached to the Gallery is a taster of the legendary Soho drinking den, the Colony Room Club, re created by the Bruton Art Factory. There are some wonderful paintings by Mark Manning on the wall behind the bar.

The Colony Room Club was a debauched drinking establishment where every Bohemian from Bacon to Hirst, Emin to Freud passed through the green door. The Colony, many said, was the most extraordinary and exciting place to be in London. It was the beating heart of the Art world in the 90's. You can experience the re created ambiance at the Bruton Art Factory.

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