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Venice Biennale 2015 | Wrong Way in Time | Fiona Hall

It was this time last year that I was at the Venice Biennale, immersed in the Australian Pavilion and works by Fiona Hall, with her installation called Wrong Way Time.

Fiona Hall is one of Australia's leading contemporary artists. She came to prominence as a photographer in the 1970's, and in the 1980's Fiona extended her creative practice to embrace a diverse range of art forms including sculpture, installation, garden design and film.

On entering the pavilion there was a congregation of clocks, different sizes and shapes, ticking and chiming away relentlessly. Each had been painted with ominous images and phrases that read like a lament to passing time and time past.

There were also wonderful cabinets of curiosities, glass cabinets filled with evidence of Hall's multi-varied craftsmanship. Sculptures, weave work, paintings and various collections of ready made objects which Fiona had tinkered with in her inimitable way.

There was also a group of works titled Kuka Irititja (Animals from Another Time), created by Fiona Hall and eleven women from the Tjanpi Desert Weavers, a social enterprise established in 1995 to provide an income source for Aboriginal women living in desert communities.

The exhibition was truly amazing, one of the most popular at the Biennale and deservedly so.

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