Colony: Frontier Wars, at NGV Melbourne

Colony: Frontier Wars is an important exhibition at the NGV Melbourne. It explores the period of colonisation in Australia from 1788 onwards and it’s often devastating effects on First People’s. The period to many was the discovery of a wondrous southern continent, but to others an invasion of homelands occupied for many millennia.

This extraordinary powerful exhibition reveals aspects of what Aboriginal people have experienced as a continuing consequence of colonisation. It brings together different understandings of Australia’s shared history which is explored through the works of many indigenous and non indigenous artists.

Here are some of the works that caught my eye and their stories:

Yulpurra (2007) by Cliff Reid

In this work Cliff recalls the nuclear tests conducted by the British government at Maralinga in South Australia from 1956-63, Many Aboriginal people lost access to their traditional home lands, and, like the artist, sought shelter on the Christian Missions of Warburton, Ernabella or Cundalee.