Fred and Ned Grant

Fred and Ned Grant are senior lawmen from Spinifex country and part of the Spinifex Arts Project. They were born in the desert in the middle of last century and lived their early life the traditional semi-nomadic way on the bright red earth of Spinifex. They played and hunted under vast deep blue skies that were endlessly filled with stars at night.

Ned Grant

They grew up on the land learning desert life and it's lore, becoming apprentices to its spiritual secrets in adolescence and travelling to their ancestral initiation ground on a 170km rite of passage. It was at this time that their lives, and that of their people, would be changed forever. On their travels, they encountered the British Governments atomic testing ground next to their sacred site.

When they returned to their people they discovered that they were to be removed from their lands and relocated to Cundeelee. After 50,000 years in the desert, it was emptied of Aboriginal life within a decade. 700 atomic tests were conducted at this site, 6 atomic bombs were detonated, their lands now poisoned. 313 people were transported to Cundeelee, the rest walked the 600 km. One family remained, secluded and alone, it was 30 years until they saw their people again.