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New Exhibition | Dreaming: Western Desert Art.

Our new exhibition 'Dreaming: Western Desert Art' is now open!

We are showing recently acquired works by Morris Gibson Tjapaltjarri, Yalti Napangati, Nanyuma Napangati, Debra Nakamarra & Mary Napangati, as well as paintings by Tiger Palpatja, Tali Tali Pompey, Evelyn Pultara and many more.

The exhibition is FREE, The gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday until March 31st, or by appointment.Wetpaint Gallery, Chalford, GL6 8NR.

Every Saturday from 12 - 3pm we are hosting drinks. Please join us for a glass or two of Australian wine and take a look at these wonderful paintings in person.

For queries or further details please contact Nadia Phillips at

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