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The community of Mimili Maku was established in 1970 on land returned to its original owners, and is situated in the far north west of South Australia. The land was previously part of Everard Park Station, and many of the older community members were employed there mustering, driving and breaking in horses.


The Nganampa Art Centre takes its name from the maku (witchetty grub), found in the roots of the Acacia Kempeana. The Maku Tjukurpa (witchetty grub song line) is a significant story from this area. The arts centre involves men and women from the four surrounding homelands of Perentie Bore, Wanmara, Blue Hills and Sandy Bore. It is apparently, ‘a happy place’ with the ethos of “Keeping our Stories Strong”. The strong abstracts and complex depictions of country, tjukurpa and contemporary stories by the artists generate unmatched interest from collectors worldwide.


Ngupulya Pumani is a Mimili Maku artist.

detail Ngupula Pumani (1948 - 2019) Maku inmaku pakani, The Witchetty Grub Songline, 2011
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