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detail Constance Robinja painting


The Yarrenyty Arltere Learning Centre is a small but dynamic art centre, situated in the Larapinta Valley Town camp, in Alice Springs. The art produced here is strongly underpinned by the culture of the Western Arrernte people, who have lived in the town for a number of generations. The paintings produced here depict the landscape, local flora and fauna, family, and life on the cattle station.


The Art Room is where people come together to produce original and highly sought after artworks. The artists have a strong sense of pride that they are part of a functioning enterprise, which returns social and economic benefits to the community.  The art centre has a transformative effect on the lives of the artists and their community, helping people rebuild their lives. It plays a major role in the cultural heritage of Australia.


Constance Robinja is a Yarrenyty Arltere artist.

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