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Tiger Palpatja Painting Nadia Phillips Aboriginal Art Painting

TALI TALI POMPEY (1945 - 2011)

Tali Tali was born on a sand dune, which inspired her name as tali is the word for sandhill in the languages of the Western Desert. She moved south to Ernabella when she was a young woman, and it was here she learned art and craft in the community art room. She learned how to sew, make batik, dye fabrics and spin wool to make rugs.


Tali started painting for the arts centre, Kaltjiti Arts in 2002. She soon became a renowned artist known for her bold use of brush, her colour sense and unique imagery. The desert landscape was a constant source of inspiration in her work. 


Para reflects both the Ghost Gum and the Desert Gum (eucalyptus) trees. The smooth, cream bark is a distinctive feature of this painting. The depiction of an element in landscape is typical of Tali Tali’s style. Indigenous Australians used parts of the Ghost Gum tree to treat colds. The Ghost Gums are mainly located in the south of the Northern Territory where Finke, Tali Tali’s birthplace is located.

Tali Tali  is a Kaltjiti artist.

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