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TAYLOR COOPER  (b. 1940)

Taylor Cooper was born around 1940 at Malara, which is a waterhole east of Pipalyatjara. It is an important Rainbow Serpent Dreaming site. His parents country is near Coffin Hill, a sacred men’s traditional site. He is an important senior tribesman and a recognised custodian of traditional aboriginal law and culture.


He began painting at Kaltjiti Arts Centre in 2009, where it quickly became evident that his paintings reflected his deep tribal knowledge, referring to the Tjukurpa associated with his parent’s homeland. Kaltjiti Arts provides resources and opportunities for artists like Taylor, who are mainly painters that draw their inspiration from the surrounding arid landscape.


Malara is Taylor’s first large painting, and represents the place of the Serpent Dreaming, located far west near Watarru, in the far north west of South Australia.


Taylor is a Kaltjiti Arts Centre artist.

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